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Current production 4 panel seat belt webbing manufactured to look and feel like early production seat belt webbing. Softer and more flexible than current production 7 panel webbing. 4 panel seat belt webbing is produced in a limited number of colors and in limited quantities. All seat belt webbing utilized in the seat belt manufacturing process is 2"(1 15/16th) wide automotive grade webbing manufacturer certified to meet or to exceed all of the required federal safety requirements. Webbing colors are not guaranteed to match an interior, interior component, existing seat belt or existing seat belt webbing. Webbing colors may appear differently based on the viewing monitors resolution.

Black(401) Dark Blue(402) Bright Red(422) Silver(427) Blue(445)
Turquoise(447) Dark Red(458) Green(459) Tan(460)


  • Click on the color sample to enlarge.
  • There is a 3 webbing sample maximum per order.
  • Minimum $5.99 minimum shipping charge on all orders placed online. When webbing samples only are ordered the $5.99 shipping charge will be credited to a seat belt order placed within 30 days of the sample order.
  • Webbing samples are sold not returnable.
  • For product questions or ordering assistance call (302)629-8508.

  • (ARW-W4 10-1-19)